Enzyme Exercises 7


CSF/Lymphatic Pump 

For lymphatic and craniosacral.

Lay flat on your back on the floor or on a bed.

While Inhaling 

Exercise 7 a


 Extend your head and neck by elevating the chin. Concentrate the motion in the upper neck area. At the same time point your feet (Plantar flexion).


When you reach full inhalation and neck extension – hold for a count of three and then begin to exhale slowly and bend the chin down, SLOWLY.

While Exhaling

  Exercise 7 b


Pull your chin into your neck strongly without raising your head or shoulders from the floor or pillow. At the same time bend your feet upward (Dorsiflexion). Your head should reach full flexion at the same time you reach complete exhalation.

Perform this exercise for one complete minute – breathing deeply, but at your normal rate. Stop the exercise if you become dizzy or light­headed.

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