Sample Urinalysis Report

UA Report

The pathology screening area indicates damage and breakdown of the body. These finds should all show up as negative. A positive indicates a problem.

The graph of patterns is the individual’s physiologic state. These values allows us to come to an interpretation based on normal human physiology.

Volume- indicates how well the kidneys are functioning.

Specific Gravity- indicates general hydration of the body.

Indican- indicates the toxicity, putrefaction, gas and fermentation in the intestines.

pH- indicates urine acidity verses alkalinity.

Chloride- indicates a salt excess or a fat deficiency.

Total Sediment-indicates the digestive stress or digestive inadequacy.

Calcium Phosphate-indicates carbohydrate digestion

Uric Acid-indicates protein digestion

Calcium Oxalate-indicates fat digestion.

The interpretation shows the following:

1. Bowel Toxicity – the body is overwhelmed and cannot fight off toxins.

2. Dietary Stress – is comes from either an over consumption of specific types of foods (carbohydrates, proteins or fats) or the inability to digest them from either the stomach, pancreas or biliary system.

3. Absorption – how the body is able to take the nutriton from the gastero-intestinal system into the cells.

4. Mineralization – Tells where the minerals are going and why. Its based on what is happening with calcium.

5. Electrolytes – Tells where fatigue is coming from and what the impact stress is having on your body.

6. Tonicity – How hard your working the kidneys.

7. Concentration – how well the kidneys are cleaning.

Bottom line of the UA: Shows if your eating right to make the fuel, if your properly digesting it, or if your absorping it correctly.

The blood always wants to maintian a balance called homeostasis. So it works to keep things to make blood values stay within a narrow range. So it keeps what it needs to look normal or it throws it off in the urine.

The urine is a better picture of what your health is and what price your body is paying to maintain health. Ultimately, what stresss is happening on the body. If you eat and drink as you normally eat and drink during the collection period, we see an accurate picture of the stress you body is dealing with on a regular basis to do normal work.

Blood is damage report.

Urine is a health report.

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