Stretching 101 #2

Thoracic Spine (aka MidBack)

Spinal Biomechanical Therapeutic Maneuvers® Thoracic Spine 1

  • Stand straight
  • Slowly tip your upper back to right side keeping head 90 degrees to shoulders
  • Maintain right arm next to right side
  • Hold position for count of 12
  • Release to back to center
  • Repeat three times per side

Thoracic Right Lateral Bending

Right Lateral Bending


Thoracic Left Lateral Bending

Left Lateral Bending


Spinal Biomechanical Therapeutic Maneuvers® Thoracic Spine 2

  • Stand straight
  • Maintain left arm next to left side
  • Extend right arm straight forward
  • Maintain left shoulder position in space
  • Stretch forward as far as possible
  • Hold position for count of 12
  • Repeat to opposite side
  • Repeat three times per side

Thoracic Front Lateral Tip

Front View Lateral Tip Right Shoulder, Arm Extended Forward


Thoracic Front Oblique Lateral

Oblique View Lateral Tip, High Shoulder, Arm Extended Forward

Spinal Biomechanical Therapeutic Maneuvers® Thoracic Spine 3

  • Stand straight
  • Move hands above head
  • Keep upper arms parrallel to floor
  • Extend fingers upward
  • Pull shoulders and wing bones (scapula) slowly backward
  • Hold position for count of 12
  • Repeat three times

Thoracic Front Elbows

Front View Elbow 90º Pull Scapula Together


Thoracic Back Elbows

Back View Approximation of Scapula with Spine

Spinal Biomechanical Therapeutic Maneuvers® Thoracic Spine 4

  • Stand straight
  • Maintain arm position to side
  • Raise shoulders upward
  • Hold position for count of 12
  • Relax
  • Lower shoulders downward
  • Hold position for count of 12
  • Relax
  • Repeat three times

Thoracic Shoulders Elevated

Shoulders Elevated Hands Down Head Straight


thoracic Shoulders Side View

Side View Shoulders Up

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