What Are Footlevelers’ Spinal Pelvic Stabilizer Orthotics?

Dr. Darrell Swolensky, Henderson, NV chiropractor uses and recommends SPS orthotics that are a prescribed style of flexible, custom-made foot orthotics which are worn in shoes. The same custom support is now also available in Foot Levelers’ Shoethotics (combined orthotic and shoe) and Sandalthotics (combined orthotic and sandal). SPS orthotics are scientifically designed for the individual’s unique postural problems, and are recommended by many healthcare professionals to help improve total body wellness.

What Do They Do?

Dr. Darrell Swolensky, Henderson, NV chiropractor uses and recommends SPS orthotics to help your feet maintain their structural and functional balance as you stand, walk, or run. Your feet are the foundation of your body, and they serve you in three important ways: they support your body whenever you stand, walk, or run; they assist you in moving from one place to another; and they help protect your spine, bones, and soft tissues from misalignments and damaging shock stress as you move. Any weakness or unstable positioning in your feet can contribute to postural problems in the rest of your body, which may lead to back, knee and hip problems. SPS orthotics help to keep your feet in a stable position throughout the day.

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How are SPS Orthotics made?

After determining that SPS orthotics could help your condition, Dr. Darrell Swolensky, Henderson, NV chiropractor will scan your feet. Dr. Swolensky will determine which style(s) of SPS orthotics are appropriate for you and the kit will then be sent to the laboratory where SPS orthotics will be created to correct any imbalances found in your casting. After the SPS orthotics arrive at the office, Dr. Swolensky will show you how to wear them properly and how to take care of them. How well the SPS orthotics work will depend in large part on how well you follow your doctor’s advice.

Why do I need SPS Orthotics? What’s wrong with a pair of those off-the-rack shoes inserts I’ve seen in my local drug store?

You are a unique individual – no one else’s feet are the exact shape or in the exact same condition as yours. If your feet are somehow contributing to a postural problem in another part of your body (or if your body is putting stress on your feet), your chiropractor may need to perform corrective foot adjustments. Custom-made, flexible stabilizers are created for the individual, and designed specifically to help your doctor’s adjustments “hold” better. “Off-the-rack” shoe inserts are mass produced and cannot give you the specific amount and placement of support that you may need in order to keep your feet in their proper structural positions.

If there are different styles of SPS Orthotics, how do I know which style is right for my condition?

Dr. Swolensky will select the SPS orthotics best suited for you based on a variety of factors (lifestyle, health, age, weight, sex, etc.). He or she may recommend a style which includes the patent pending Gait Cycle SystemT for shock absorption, support, and a propulsive “boost” with each step. And because most people wear at least two styles of shoes each day, your chiropractor may determine that a Combo (two pairs) would be best for your condition. He or she may also want to advise you on lifestyle changes, such as weight reduction, proper shoe style selection, and modifying your level of physical activity.

What if I have any problems or questions about my SPS Orthotics?

Most patients report no problems wearing their SPS Orthotics, Shoethotics, or Sandalthotics. “Break-in” time for these products is usually short; after that, the user often forgets that he or she is even wearing a support. However, if you have any questions about your SPS Orthotics, call your doctor; he or she can offer you expert advice on how to adapt more quickly to these products.

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