Seizures Helped from An Unlikely Doctor


When a child of only 5 months continuously cries, does not sleep very well and experiences up to 8 seizures a day, it’s going to be a worrisome situation for parents. Additionally, this child had a constant tilt of his head to the left and could not rotate his head and neck to the left. To top this off, the child also had experienced a surgery to close the joints between the bones in his skull.

All of these problems prompted the parents to seek Chiropractic advice and assistance for their recently born child.

First off, the child’s chiropractor had his diagnostic skills put to the test as the child was in severe distress and cried during the entire examination. However, the exam was completed success fully and revealed that there were subluxations (partial dislocations) in various areas of the neck, mid-back and the lower spine.

A regular schedule of Chiropractic adjustments commenced and continued for several weeks. The outcome of the care was immediately positive with the number of seizures decreasing after the first adjustment. Things were progressing along well until several weeks into the care when the child had a minor setback and experienced 5 seizures in one day, however, these quickly abated. In fact, following these episodes, the child remained seizure-free for an entire week. This was the first week of his life that he had lived seizure-free.

By the sixth week of Chiropractic care, the child’s life had made a drastic turn for the better: he was no longer experiencing seizures between adjustments. In addition, he was sleeping through the night and eating properly for a child his age. Periodic follow-ups were done and it was noted in the case report that these improvements represented a significant change to the child’s quality of life.

The author of the study, Dr. Nancy Brown, D.C., noted that each year approximately 150,000 children and adolescents experience seizures. The cause of this, she says, is a sudden onset of abnormal electrical discharges within the brain. A normal medical approach to this condition is to medicate in order to suppress the abnormal electrical impulses. Dr. Brown points out the ill-advised nature to this medical correction as there is no way to suppress the abnormal impulses without also suppressing activity needed for normal function and development.

“A Chiropractic approach may therefore be of more benefit as it will correct the abnormal impulses and not just suppress them,” said Dr. Brown.

Source: Chiropractic Research. June 2005.

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