Toxins from Cups

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In June of 2010, the U.S. government recalled 12 million promotional drinking glasses at a fast food restaurant. The glasses contained cadmium — a toxic chemical that can cause a list of very nasty and dangerous conditions including:

* Emphysema

* Fatigue

* Headache

* Vomiting

* Anemia

* Lack of sense of smell

* Kidney dysfunction

* Reduced bone mineral density

* Neuropsychological impairment

* Increased risk of prostatic cancer

Cadmium serves no purpose in the human body, is toxic at very low levels, and once it gets in there, it’s hard to get rid. But it’s great for making those vivid images on the cups kids clamor for, even collect, in some fast food restaurants.

Cadmium is just one of the many toxic chemicals our kids are exposed to every day. Lead is another one. You would think we would have gotten rid of lead in kids’ products long ago, but the U.S. government has recalled more than 17 millions toys containing high levels of lead in just the last three years.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission also banned the use of phthalates — the chemicals used to make hard plastic pliable — in kids’ products in 2008. Some phthalates are banned, others are still under investigation and still being used. They, too, may be banned.

However, the wheels of government regulation turn slowly. And if 12 million cups and 17 millions toys can get out there, we each need to take action to prevent exposure.

To be safe, avail yourself of the many manufacturers that guarantee their products do not contain toxic chemicals. Give your kids a healthy start in life.

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