The Link Between How You Feel and How You Function

Feeling vs. Function is the relationship between how you feel and how you’re functioning. Typical conditioning leads us to use feeling as the barometer for health. However, function is the real mark of health.

Let me use an example of to illustrate the difference. Take diabetes. If you say you don’t feel that I’m diabetic… how do you know? Your blood sugar feels OK or you don’t have any of the common symptoms of diabetes? Would you be interested to know that the framework for diabetes takes 10 years or more to before the full blown disease can be medically measured? It is estimated that an overwhelming numbers of Americans are pre-diabetic. In the area of 30 million.

The most common conditions such as heart disease and cancer all take many years, typically a decade or more, before being seen or felt. Although with functional testing they can be seen.

Let this be the year that you start a different approach to your health. Become proactive!. It’s your future…. be there healthy!