Is This the Headache Type You Suffer With?

The most common type of headaches are tension headaches. Also called chronic daily headaches or chronic non-progressive headaches. These muscle contraction headaches cause mild to moderate pain and come and go over a prolonged period of time.

What causes the muscles to work abnormally? Realize the muscles, along with EVERYTHING in your body, are controlled by the nervous system.

So if a muscle is contracted the first place is question is the nervous system. What is equally relevant is the spinal structure. Changes to the spinal structure creates abnormal nerve impulses.

An easy way to check your own structure is looking in the mirror and turning your head left and right. Are the shoulders square? If not, you’ve just spotted a problem.

In my office we use an amazing instrument called the ProAdjuster. A gentle, computerized technique that is like a laser to find and correcting abnormal spinal structure.

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