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 Breaking Free from Your Headaches

Headache Information about Henderson NV Chiropractor
Headache Information about Henderson NV Chiropractor and Why Technology Can Improve How You Feel

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Breaking Free from Your Low Back Pain

Low Back Information about Henderson NV Chiropractor
Low Back Pain Information about Henderson NV Chiropractor and Why Technology Can Improve How You Feel

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 Peak Energy 7 Step Challenge

Peak Energy Information about Henderson NV Chiropractor
Peak Energy Information about Henderson NV Chiropractor and Why Technology Can Improve How You Feel

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 ProAdjuster Technology Magazine

ProAdjuster technology Information about Henderson NV Chiropractor
ProAdjuster Technology Information about Henderson NV Chiropractor and Why Technology Can Improve How You Feel

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Information about Henderson NV Chiropractor

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Effective Approach to Resolve Headaches

Headaches & Migraines: Chiropractic vs. Medication; Effectiveness &


In randomized clinical trials, chiropractic was 57% more effective in the reduction of headaches and migraines than drug therapy.

As previously reported in the US Chiropractic Directory, after 8 weeks of randomized clinical trials with chiropractic vs. medication for headache and migraine sufferers, the chiropractic group scored 42% vs. 24% effective for medication. This research indicates that chiropractic is 57% more effective than medication for headaches and migraines. The medical approach has a place in healthcare, but based upon evidenced based outcome studies, research concludes that for headaches and migraines, the path is chiropractic first and drugs second.

See the study here:

If you’re serious about resolving headaches, check out our advanced technologies by calling 565-7474 or visits

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Forward Head Posture and TMJ

Xray of cervical spine
Image via Wikipedia

Forward head posture creates a domino effect in the body:

  • Moving forward, the head shifts the center of gravity.
  • To compensate, the upper body drifts backward.
  • To compensate for the upper body shift, the hips tilt forward.

So, the forward head position can be the cause of not only the head, neck and TMJ problems, but also mid back and low back problems. We can gain a better understanding of the interaction between the mouth opening and closing, TMJ bio-mechanics, and neck  function with an overview of the structures involved.

According to Rene Cailliet, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Director at U.S.C. states: “It’s an axiom … that the body follows the head … You can realign your entire body by moving your head … your head held in a forward position can pull your entire body out of line.” He goes on to explain that the vital lung capacity is reduced as much as 30%. The gastrointestinal system is affected, particularly the large intestine. When a hunched position is assumed, the body becomes rigid, and range of motion is affected. Since endorphin production is reduced, an increase in pain and discomfort results.

Another researcher Kapandji, in his classic text on spinal function states, “The anterior muscles of the neck … act as the long arm of a lever … they are powerful flexors of the head and cervical column … flattening the cervical column.”

Additionally, numerous investigators describe the effect of altered jaw position on head posture. Forward and side to side head position changes the jaw, throat, and tongue. It compresses the neck  joints causing muscular nerve entrapments. Nerve root compression or posterior neck vertebral joint irritation or restriction result in peripheral entrapment neuropathies. One common entrapment is the greater or lesser suboccipital nerves that pass between the occiput and atlas. This may cause headaches or refer pain to the facial region.

General Symptoms by Head Forward Posture problems
A. Chronically tired (lowered hemoglobin, immature cells) 89%
B. Increased nervous tension 86%
C. Malaise 61%
D. Restless sleep (awaken tired) 78%
E. Numbness in hands (awaken with arm or leg asleep) 32%
F. Cold hands and feet (poor circulation) 67%
G. Back aches and leg aches (tired, ache-all-over feeling) 47%
H. Thirsty (much water doesn’t satisfy) 43%
I. Restless nibbling at food (never satisfied)
J. Blood (variations in count and quality; many irregularly formed cells; cell walls even thickness one week after treatment)
K. Lowered hemoglobin
L. Lower thyroid activity (an almost constant finding)
M. Facial pallor
N. Dull, non-sparkling eyes

Forward head posture is an enormous problem of our society. Nearly 100% of new patients presenting in my office have it. If you have it and don’t correct it, it will lead to neck arthritis and damaged discs.

If you are interested in being checked for forward head posture or want more information visit

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Why I Don’t Suffer with Headaches Anymore!

Check out this testimonial that we just received today.

My daughter has been raving about Dr. Swolensky since see started seeing him. I have suffered with headaches as long as I could remember. They were so bad it would make me feel extremely ill.

I can’t believe it, but I feel great.

I noticed relief after the first adjustment, but by the second treatment, the headaches were gone!

The office is friendly, welcoming and extremely knowledgeable. Dr. Swolensky you are very helpful and in the office we are people and not numbers. Thank you!

You could be the next person to experience the very same results she did. What are you waiting for. Check out and let this be the first day of a new life.

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One Cause… One Cure!

This is a simple wellness principle. There is one cause of disease and there is only one cure. In a health state, our body has the ability to adapt to the environmental stresses that we place upon it. It is our ability to adapt to environmental stresses and maintain homeostasis that keeps us healthy. When we lose the ability to adapt and maintain homeostasis, we lose our health. When that state is allowed to persist, we become diseased. The cause of all disease is the failure of our body to adapt to our environment. The key words are “our body.” This is an inside job. It’s the failure of our body to do the job it was born to do. Micro-organisms are constantly around us, but they only infect us when our natural resistance is lowered and our body can’t properly respond to the threat. It’s our body’s lack of function, not the bug, which makes us sick.

Our body is a self-healing organism. It has the ability to heal and maintain homeostasis naturally from within, as long as there is no interference to its function. What is the one cure to all disease? It is our body’s innate healing potential. The solution to health comes from within the body not from outside agents like medications and surgeries. Health and healing come from the inside as long as there is no interference to our innate healing potential. The real doctor is inside. The real healing comes from inside, from the innate healing powers nature has provided from each and everyone of us.

Andrew Weil, M.D. states, “Healing comes from inside, not outside. Healing can’t be prevented from occurring, nor can it be obtained from anyone or anything external. You are born with the power to heal because healing is an innate capacity of every person.”

Nerve interference directly interferes with our innate healing potential. It decreases our immune function and lowers our body’s resistance to infection and disease. When nerve interference is removed, your innate healing potential is restored.

For more information you can check out and find out how our advanced technologies can help.

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Surprising Side Effects of Sleeping Pills

Sleeping Pill Marketers and Doctors Ignore Causes of Insomnia

Volume 14 Issue 90

A new market research report says the booming sleeping pill market will reach $9 billion by the year 2015. The research company makes it sound like a great market to expand into, and sells the report to pharmaceutical companies and anyone else who’s interested for $3,950.

The report claims that “55% of the US population is affected by symptoms of insomnia, and close to 15% suffer from serious insomnia. Insomnia has become a major health issue the world over. As a result, more and more people are seeking medical intervention for relief.” Up to 20 percent of the world population uses sleep aids. Use of the drugs doubled among 20 to 45 year olds from 2000 to 2004.

The report says Ambien is the most prescribed sleep aid. Singer Health Reports is pleased to present the first 119 of 222 reported side effects of Ambien and other sleeping pills. These are just some of the horrible conditions that people are willing to trade for a good night’s sleep. We don’t have room for them all, but encourage you to follow the links at the end of this Report.

The point we are making is this: inability to sleep almost always has a cause that can be found and treated by a caring health professional. Instead of taking drugs, see one of our Wellness Doctors!

The following is a list of the side effects:

abdominal pain bronchospasm eye irritation increased saliva
abnormal dreams cerebrovascular disorder eye pain increased sweating
abnormal gait chest pain face edema infection
abnormal hepatic circulatory failure falling influenza-like symptoms
abnormal thinking CNS-depressant effects falls injection-site inflammation
herpes simplex /zoster completed suicides fatigue insomnia
acne confusion feeling strange intestinal obstruction
acute renal failure conjunctivitis fever intoxicated feeling
aggressive reaction constipation flatulence laryngitis
agitation corneal ulceration flushing leg cramps
allergic reaction coughing gastritis lethargy
allergy cystitis gastroenteritis lightheadedness
amnesia daytime drowsiness glaucoma lymphadenopathy
anaphylactic shock decreased cognition gout macrocytic anemia
anemia decreased inhibition hallucination manic reaction
angina pectoris decreased libido headache menstrual disorder
angioedema delusion hemorrhoids migraine
anorexia dementia hiccup muscle weakness
anxiety depersonalization hot flashes myalgia
apathy depression hypercholesteremia myocardial infarction
appetite increased dermatitis hyperglycemia nausea
arrhythmia diarrhea hyperlipidemia nervousness
arthralgia difficulty concentrating hypertension neuralgia
arthritis dizziness hypertension aggravated neuritis
ataxia drugged feelings hypoesthesia neuropathy
back pain dry mouth hypokinesia neurosis
behavior changes dyspepsia hypotension
bizarre behavior edema hypoxia
breast fibroadenosis enteritis hysteria
breast pain esophagospasm illusion
bronchitis euphoria impotence

SOURCE: Sleeping Aids, Drug,; Global Industry Analysts Inc., Sleeping Pills: A Global Strategic Business Report,

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